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Why Electrical Safety Matters

Every year, electrical malfunctions account for 35,000 home fires, leading to property damage, injuries, or even fatalities. Don't become a statistic. Ensure your home is a safe haven with our expert-crafted Electrical Safety Guide.

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Sampson Electric has been illuminating homes safely for over 20 years. Our certified electricians have compiled their knowledge into a simple guide to help you inspect your home's electrical system like a pro

Ensuring Home Safety and Energy Efficiency

Step-by-Step Safety Inspection Points

Tips to Save on Energy and Reduce Bills

Expert Advice on Preventing Electrical Hazards

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Our guide walks you through a thorough 13-point inspection, from checking your GFCI outlets to inspecting your circuit breaker. Each point is designed to be easily actionable, giving you immediate insights into your electrical safety status.

The Homeowner's Guide to Electrical Safety isn't just a checklist; it's a comprehensive resource that educates you on what to look for, why it matters, and how to rectify common issues. With this guide, you're not just checking boxes; you're learning how to protect your home and family.

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